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You cannot choose another person's best friend for them. I suggest that you give the person you are buying for a "gift certificate" with a spending limit and include a list of reputable breeders in their area as well as local rescues and shelters. Let them choose their own best friend.

If you are interested in obtaining dogs/puppies from me, please indicate the quality (show potential, breeder quality or pet quality) of the dog/puppy you are looking for. Those looking for show potential or breeder quality dogs/puppies will be placed on a waiting list. I do not keep a waiting list for pet quality puppies - if you don't see them on this page, I don't have any available at this time.

If you are looking for a pet, won't you help to save a life? Please go to the Directory of Local Breed Rescues on the American Pomeranian Club web site and contact the Rescue closest to where you live. Please don't forget your local shelter - even pure-breds end up in the pound. Your next life-long friend may be waiting for you there.

Whenever possible, you should always purchase dogs/puppies from homes that you can visit to actually see the conditions they are being raised in and, when possible, ancestors of the dog/puppy you are interested in. Some may misrepresent their stock, facilities and care practices on the internet so it is always better to see for yourself and know what you are financially supporting with your purchase. You can find breeders in your area by going to the American Pomeranian Club's Membership Directory and the directories of its Regional Clubs.

Available Puppies & Dogs

I only sell my dogs to approved homes. Please download, complete and return my purchase application.

LOOKING FOR PET HOMES - all will be spayed/neutered before placement.

Dimonde's Jim Gin Pizazz
Dimonde's Jim Gin Pizazz ("Jim Gin"). Orange Sable male whelped 6/30/11. Click here for pedigree.

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