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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a toy, teacup, or miniature, Pomeranian. Pomeranians are a toy breed. Anyone who advertises differently obviously does not know the breed. These are names used to describe different varieties of poodles. Even those Poms that are grossly over standard are still members of the toy breed called Pomeranian. Pomeranians may be under standard, within standard, or over standard. Good breeders of any breed strive to only produce dogs "within standard" for size and weight.

Being AKC registered is not a guarantee of quality. It only means that the breeder has said that both parents were AKC registered and are of the same AKC registerable breed. Because so many commercial breeders have abused this, the AKC now requires that all sires producing more than 3 litters a year, or 6 in their lifetime, be DNA tested so that they can confirm the actual sire of their offspring. The AKC will also DNA test random dogs and puppies during it's surprise inspections to help ensure that parentage is what the breeder has reported it to be. The Missouri Pet Breeders Association decided that they did not want to comply with the AKC's DNA testing rules, so they started the Continental Kennel Club (CKC). Frankly, you can register a tin can with the CKC as any breed or cross-breed (aka "mutt") you want and do not even have to prove ownership of that dog. In my opinion, CKC registration is not worth the paper it is printed on - it is a "puppy mill registry". Many commercial breeders now register their dogs with the CKC along with those that were banned by the AKC for breeding records problems and animal cruelty convictions. Please be careful what you support with your purchasing dollars.

Most dogs are not show or breeder quality and therefore should never be bred. It is because so many dogs are irresponsibly bred that so many find their way into shelters and rescues or suffer from preventable inherited diseases. If you did not purchase your dog from a breeder that is trying to produce better quality dogs (the number of champions in your dog's three generation pedigree should help you to determine this), in accordance with the standard, you most likely have a pet quality dog that should not be bred. To do so, would be a dis-service to the breed and can be life-threatening to your dog. If you do not know your dog's quality, start by reading its breed standard on the AKC web site. If your dog appears to fit the standard, then find a knowledgable breeder to help you to further determine its quality.

I am not federally licensed, and I'm proud of it! Only those that sell dogs for retail (usually to pet stores) - what are commonly referred to as "puppy mills" - must be licensed and are regulated by the USDA. My kennel is a "hobby kennel". I raise and breed dogs as a hobby out of love for the breed, not for financial gain. In fact, like most reputable breeders, I spend far more on the care of my dogs than I'll ever see in profits from puppy sales. Per local law, I do have a county "hobby kennel license" and am subject to surprise inspection by county authorities as well as the AKC.

I breed for conformation, movement and temperament. I believe that the basis for a good dog, of any breed, is good structure, good movement, and good attitude. I breed for adequate coat with good texture. I have seen one too many huge coated, sculpted to the max, crippled, champions. I hope that none of mine will ever be amongst their number.

My puppies may not always turn out as good (or bad) as I expect - I will give you my honest opinion. God, nature, circumstance and care have the overriding votes in how any dog turns out.

The merle color pattern has recently turned up in several breeds that never presented this coat pattern before, even after decades and centuries of selective breeding. I will not knowingly breed any Pomeranian that carries the merle gene nor will I sell my dogs to anyone that intentionally breeds merle "Pomeranians". I do not believe that Poms carrying this gene are pure bred and I consider it inhumane and unethical to perpetuate something that causes so much harm to the individual dogs as well as to the breed in general. For more information about merle "Pomeranians", click here.

Those of you who are experienced show people know - never judge a dog by its show record. You must judge for yourself. For the inexperienced - you will find it difficult to properly judge pomeranian puppies in their "puppy uglies"/"hairless wonder"/"Chia pet" stages. Anybody can fall for the fuzzy puppy with the cute face. It takes experience to pick out a "diamond in the rough". Find an experienced dog or horse person, who understands conformation, to aid you in your decision.

Unlike in horses, the expressions "sound" and "good movement" are often used to mean the same thing in dogs. Soundness should mean free from injury. Good movement should mean that the animal moves properly for its breed. A bad moving horse or dog can be perfectly sound. But, bad movement will often cause unsoundness over time.

My dogs are never sculpted. I only trim for neatness around ears, feet, ruff, butt and base of tail. I never trim the coat on my dogs beyond these areas.

I do not sell dogs or puppies for re-sale (no agents).

All puppies are health guaranteed.

All puppies are wormed and vaccinated.

I provide a written contract.

All puppies may be AKC registered.

Puppies/Dogs will not be held without a 1/3 non-refundable deposit of their purchase price.

All pet quality puppies and breeding program retirees will be spayed/neutered before placement to ensure that they do not end up in puppy mills misrepresenting themselves as pet homes. Because of this, I do not sell pet quality puppies until they are old enough to spay/neuter.

I do ship (C.O.D. and crate must be pre-paid or sent to me ahead of time).

No breed is for everyone - please follow my links and research the breed before inquiring.

I reserve the right to refuse to sell any dog or puppy to any home which I deem to be inappropriate.

"Pick Puppy" means that part of the purchase price of the puppy is the pick of the litter from the puppy's first litter. The puppy's breeder chooses the stud to be used. All expenses are the responsiblility of the puppy's buyer(s).

"Stud Rights" means that part of the purchase price of the puppy is the right of the puppy's breeder to breed any bitch, owned or co-owned by her/him, to the puppy without having to pay a stud fee.

How to read a pedigree:



Paternal Grand Sire

Paternal Grand Sire's Sire

Paternal Grand Sire's Dam

Paternal Grand Dam

Paternal Grand Dam's Sire

Paternal Grand Dam's Dam


Maternal Grand Sire

Maternal Grand Sire's Sire

Maternal Grand Sire's Dam

Maternal Grand Dam

Maternal Grand Dam's Sire

Maternal Grand Dam's Dam

Some dogs' names may be preceeded and followed by various titles and special awards. See AKC Prefix Titles for titles before the dog's name and AKC Suffix Titles for titles after the dog's name. The AKC Grand Champion title was first offered on May 12, 2010, so dogs retired before that date did not have the opportunity to earn that title. See the APC Historical Awards for a description of Pomeranian suffix titles. Unofficial titles such as BIS/BISA (Best In Show at an all-breed show), BISS (Best Of Breed at a breed Specialty Show), MBIS/MBISA (Multiple Best In Show at all-breed shows), BISS (Multiple Best Of Breed at breed Specialty Shows) and JAM/AOM (Judge's Award Of Merit) may also be seen.

Dogs' names may also be followed by their AKC registration number, AKC stud book number (mm-yy), color abbreviation, OFA number and/or CERF number. Not all breeds are commonly OFAed and/or CERFed. Pomeranians rarely have inherited eye problems and therefore are rarely CERFed. The only known instances of hip or elbow dysplasia in pomeranians are due to injury - therefore, poms are rarely hip or elbow OFAed. Luxating patellas are a problem, as with most toy breeds, and there is an OFA certification for this. However, it is so subjective that many do not rely on it without further grading by one or more other vets.

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